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What Is A Fluorescent Microscope Filter System?

Filter systems are important parts of the fluorescence microscope, formed by the excitation filter plate filter plate and repression. Filter models, the manufacturers names are often not unified. Filter plates are usually named with a basic tone, preceding letter on behalf of colors, letters behind glass, number represents the model features. Germany (Schott) BG12, is kind of blue glass, the first letter b is blue, g is the first letter in the glass; our product's name has been used phonetic alphabet representation, BG12 blue filter plates called QB24,Q is cyan (blue) is the first letter of pinyin, and b is the first letter of pinyin glass. But some filter on filter plates can also be transparent boundaries long name, such as K530, means long suppression filter through 530nm 530nm light light. Also manufacturers of filter plate fully named with a number, such as the United States NO:5-58 Corning plant, that is equivalent to the BG12.

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