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Telescopes, Microscopes Will Be Far Behind?

Phoenicians found in cooking on the beach around 3500 BC glass, glass spent about 5,000 more to form a lens and the first telescope. An eyeglass manufacturer might formed the first telescope. Hans Lippershey (c1570-c1619) Netherlands is often credited with the invention, but he almost certainly was not the first. However, Lippershey was first known.

The telescope in 1609, is introduced to the astronomical great Italy scientist Galileo Galilei became the first person to see the craters of the Moon, who discover sunspots, four large moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn. Galileo's telescope resembles a pair of Opera glasses, because it uses glass lenses to arrange, to zoom in on objects. This arrangement provides a limited amount of magnification-Galileo up to 30 times times-and a very narrow field; not relocated his telescope, Galileo could see no more than one quarter of the Moon's face.

1704 Sir Isaac Newton declared, curved mirror rather than glass lenses were used to collect light, it reflects the focus of new concepts in telescope design. It reflects the behavior of mirror-like a light collection barrels: the larger the bucket, the lighter, it can collect. The reflecting telescope of the Newtonian design, open the door to millions of times a magnifying glass object far beyond what it can continue to have a shot.

In this way, in the future there will be a microscope optical instrument, which is by these clever scientific personalities, our planet will become more and more advanced.

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