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Stereo Microscope Specimen For Research

Stereo Microscope are used in the scientific field and are mainly used to compare two specimens. The stereomicroscope is connected by two conventional microscopes, optical bridges. Compared to the difference between the two samples, using the traditional microscope viewer will need to memorize the contents and switch the slideshow, but the viewer can see both side by side on both slides.

The stereomicroscope was invented in the 1920s, mainly for forensic ballistic tests, microscopes, and well-known cases of conviction. Today's stereomicroscopes are mostly the same, but there are some important enhancements such as digital imaging, fiber optic lighting, video features and accessories to take pictures

A stereomicroscope is part of a microscope optical microscope group. Use optical microscopy refractive index lenses to help focus light into the eyeball. These lenses are usually made of glass; however, they can also be used for plastic lenses. Most stereomicroscopes can achieve a magnification of 1500 times, but are often used to reduce magnification magnification in Stereo Microscope. In addition, stereomicroscopes are mainly used for the study of specimens. In addition to the use of ordinary light research specimens, can also be used to study biological specimens, infrared light can also be used for biological tissue thick slices.

Low magnification microscopes can be used for applications such as entomology, insect recognition hobbies and professional research, circuit board repair, watch repair, botanical research in the field of inspection, collecting coins, viewing wrong coins, low magnification microscopes different from a high power Microscope, in several ways. Obviously, the magnification is different. The magnification of the magnification microscope at low magnification is usually 7 times and using a 10X eyepiece to 45X. The common target is 1X, 2X, 4X, and zoom the target,Stereo Microscope making the continuous magnification 0.7X, 4.5X (7 - 45X with 10X eyepiece) or up to 6.5. The resulting magnification is multiplied by the objective of the eyepiece power. If you need higher power, sometimes 15X, 20X and 25X eyepiece inserts up to 2.5 times the power. Sometimes installing an extra bottom barrow objective that affects the magnification of the microscope. A 2.0x lens will double and magnify again. The low magnification microscope can reach 200X,Stereo Microscope a polarizing microscope, by using a combination of high power eyepiece and bottom objective. However, suffering from depth of field, and the amount of light required to increase. A high power microscope uses a different type of objective lens. 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 60X, 80X and 100X common goals. These are multiplied by the magnification of the magnification of the eyepiece magnification. If you use 10 times the eyepiece, 100 times the target will be given 1000 times.

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