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Stereo Microscope Get A Strong Three-dimensional Feeling

The principle and use of the Stereo Microscope as an important member of the microscopic equipment, stereoscopic Stereo Microscopes seem a bit "alternative", because its structure and the general micro-equipment is significantly different, today we come to know its true colors. First, the principle of stereoscopic Stereo Microscope This microscopic device is unique, is to allow observers to obtain a strong three-dimensional feeling, and its principle is through the two eyepiece of the common role in the eyes of the observer in the omentum On the formation of the elephant, the object from a different direction. It is tilted into a double cylinder 45 °, through the two binocular observation of the field of vision is not only broad, and the image was positive and has a three-dimensional sense. Second, the use of stereoscopic micro-equipment, people's binocular vision inevitably there are differences, the designer on the right side of the eyepiece tube design and installation of the dioptric adjustment ring, the use of such equipment to observe the object, the first through the adjustment so that we The left eye to see a clear image, and then rotate the above mentioned right side of the diopter adjustment ring, until the right eye also see a clear image. People's eyes are not the same distance, the binocular with a certain angle in the relative rotation to adapt to the distance between the two functions of the workers. The microscopic working distance of the Stereo Microscope is 100mm, and another significant feature is that you can change the magnification of the Stereo Microscope without changing the working distance. This is because the hand wheel can be rotated on both sides of the square mirror body! The total magnification of the readings of this device is regular when reading data, that is, when the eyepiece is 25 ×, the right side of the number plate prevail, and the use of 6.3 × eyepiece, the left side of the disk , Such a device is really amazing.

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