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Stereo Microscope Correct Use Of The Operation Can Get Accurate And Useful Information

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the Stereo Microscope to play out, the proper use of operating Stereo Microscope is very important. In strict accordance with the Stereo Microscope to operate, you can get more accurate and useful information, so we have to learn to follow the correct steps to operate the Stereo Microscope.

The first step, take the mirror and placement

Take the Stereo Microscope out of the mirror box, hold the lens holder with your left hand, hold the mirror arm with your right hand and place the Stereo Microscope approximately 7 cm from the edge of the bench to mount the eyepiece and the objective.

The second step, the light operation

Turn the transducer and align the low power mirror with the aperture, taking care that the front of the objective and the stage must be approximately two centimeters apart. Align the aperture with a larger aperture. One eye to watch the eyepiece. After turning the mirror, so that reflected light through the through-hole, the objective lens, tube to reach the eyepiece. The best effect is that the eyepiece can see a bright circular field of vision.

The third step, observe

Place the front of the slide specimen to be observed on the stage and hold it with the clamp, with the specimen facing the center of the clear aperture. Turn the coarse coke so that the lens barrel descends slowly, while looking at the objective lens from the side until the objective lens approaches the slide specimen. One eye observation eyepiece, anticlockwise rotation coarse coke coke, so that the lens tube slowly rising, until you see the image so far. If it is not clear, you can rotate slightly fine coke spiral, so that the image more clearly. After the experiment, the appearance of the Stereo Microscope should be wiped clean, turn the converter, the two objectives biased to both sides, the lens barrel slowly dropped to the lowest place, the Stereo Microscope into the mirror box, back into place.

Probably have these methods of operation, learn to use the Stereo Microscope correctly, to make the result more accurate and perfect.

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