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Phone Magnifier Science And Technology Modern Science & Technology

Professional Phone Magnifierglass, with you easy to see professional! I am the University of Electronic Science and Technology Institute of Physics and Electronics of the palace Yubin.

Electronic information science and technology is a science and technology penetration, mutual integration of science. From the professional name point of view, it involves three key words: electronics, information and science and technology.

From the name point of view, it seems to set electronic information engineering electronic science and technology in one. In fact, from the professional design point of view is indeed true. Electronic Information Science and Technology is a wide-caliber electronic information professional, learning content is very extensive both related to physical knowledge, but also related to mathematical knowledge, but also related to electronic technology, information technology, computer and other knowledge sector.

Here, I mainly from the professional direction, professional characteristics and training mode to give you three aspects of a simple introduction.

First of all, we look at the professional direction. There are more than 200 universities in the field of electronic information science and technology, but the setting of each university's professional direction is unique, and it is based on the characteristics of their own disciplines to set the professional direction.

University of Electronic Science and Technology Institute of Physics and Electronics Institute at the beginning of the creation, relying on microwave electrical equipment key state-level laboratory opened electronic information science and technology, research and teaching, teaching and research,Phone Magnifier professional rankings among the best, combined with their own characteristics of electronic information Science and technology, including three professional aspects of vacuum electronics, radio electronics and optoelectronics and vacuum electronics, is to study how to use the vacuum in the free electrons and electromagnetic field interaction, and electrons lose energy to the energy to the electromagnetic wave After the generation or amplification of electromagnetic signals such a science.

This signal can be used either as a satellite for satellite communications, as well as for radar, for medical imaging, for industrial heating, and for environmental protection, such as space traveling waves in satellite communications, accelerators in CT, industrial heating Magnetron and so on. This device is commonly used, such as our home microwave oven is also used in this magnetron, to launch microwave heating of food,Phone Magnifier such a thing is the object of vacuum electronics research.

The second direction is radio electronics. In addition to what we have just said that the use of vacuum electronics method to generate electromagnetic signals, you can also use semiconductor devices to generate or amplify the electromagnetic signal. The little things in my hands are devices that use semiconductor technology to produce and amplify electromagnetic signals. What is radio electronics research? It is to study how to use electromagnetic signals to build electronic systems, electromagnetic signal generated after the electromagnetic signal how to launch, how to transmit, how to receive and how to deal with a communication system.

The simplest, such as a cell phone, is a communication system. It involves all aspects of what I have just said, a radar, such as the weather radar we used to detect the weather, but also related to what I have just said. Some of these things are important research contents of our radio electronics.

Then the third direction is optoelectronics. Optoelectronics is formed by the combination of electronics and optics. It is common to use radio waves instead of radio waves as information carriers to study how optical image signals or energy are converted into electrical signals, and how to convert electrical signals into optical signals or optical images in such a direction.

Second, talk about the characteristics of electronic information science and technology. How to apply physics, mathematics, electromagnetic field, circuit and system and other aspects of the basic theory, combined with cutting-edge electronics technology and computer technology, access, transmission,Phone Magnifier processing and control information design of electronic components and electronic information systems and to achieve, Information science and technology this professional mission. 

Electronic information science and technology is one of the most important promoters to promote the progress of modern social science and technology!

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