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Of A Condenser And Objective Is How To Meet?

Here the so-called coordination, is to make the reflectors and both agree the numerical aperture of the objective lens in order to better observe the fine. If condenser numerical apertures less than objective lens, part of the numerical aperture of the objective lens is wasted, which does not live up to its highest resolution. If the numerical aperture greater than the numerical aperture of the objective lens of the condenser, you can't improve on the one hand provides resolution of lens, on the other hand will only because of the light beam is too wide, bring down the sharpness of the images. Operation of reflectors and lenses fit method is: after you do lighting, focus, remove the eyepiece directly into the mirror cylinder see, under condenser IRIS close to the minimum, then slowly open. Open to its diameter and the diameter of field of view is just as big, and then press on the eyepiece, were observed. Once each transition lenses, to order such that the match operation. Condenser IRIS border engraved with open aperture scale, can scale to fit.

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