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Microscope Reduce The Eyepiece To Meet The Requirements

The multiple observation of body-view microscope how to adapt to different requirements

The stereo microscope is used for stereoscopic inspection and observation of electronic components, integrated circuit boards, turning tools, magnets, etc. How do these different objects need to be observed in different multiple states to accommodate these different requirements? Can be resolved in several ways a. can be achieved by optical properties B. Selectable video observation C. Can be achieved by means of mechanical properties D. Can be illuminated by light source

Optical properties: According to the requirements of the measured objects, by selecting different eyepiece objectives to solve large multiple large field of view and so on. As long as the large multiple, can be replaced by the large number of mirrors and the objective lens, the need to see large field of vision can be replaced by the objective lens to reduce the eyepiece to meet the requirements.

Video observation: When the optical magnification is not enough, the electronic magnification can be used to compensate. While observing and hoping to be able to store retention, we can select video. There are a variety of video modes: A. Can be directly through the monitor B. can connect the computer (through digital CCD or analog CCD image Acquisition card) C can be connected to a digital camera (different digital cameras to take into account the different interface and the matching of the microscope)

Mechanical properties: Encounter some welding, assembly, larger Integrated circuit board inspection field and the work distance has requirements, we can solve by mechanical properties, such as universal bracket, rocker bracket, large mobile platform and so on. With their performance characteristics, when the detection of large objects directly through the stent and the platform can complete our detection work. No need to move our measured objects. For example: ABB company because the detection circuit board is relatively large and need a small tilt observation, the circuit board is very difficult to move, only through mechanical movement to complete the detection work. The function of the universal bracket can meet these usage requirements at the same time.

Light source illumination: the light source illumination can see to be measured the object to be able to play the vital role, when chooses the illumination must according to the characteristic which the measured object itself (must consider its light request, strong \ Weak reflective etc.) to choose the corresponding illumination tool as well as the light way.

The electron microscope has the similar basic structure characteristic as the optical microscope, but it has much higher magnification and resolution ability than the optical microscope, it takes the electron flow as a new light source, causes the object to be imaged. Since 1938, Ruska invented the first transmission electron microscope, in addition to the performance of transmission electron microscope itself has been improved, but also developed a variety of other types of electron microscopy. such as scanning electron microscope, analysis electron microscope, ultra-high voltage electron microscope and so on. Combined with various electron microscope sample preparation techniques, the structure, structure and function of the samples can be studied in depth. A microscope is used to observe images of tiny objects. It is often used in biological, pharmaceutical and microscopic particle observations. The electron microscope can enlarge the object to 2 million times times.

The microscope is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Before it was invented, the idea of the world around us was confined to the unaided eye, or by a hand-held lens, to help the naked eye see something.

The microscope showed a whole new world in human vision, and for the first time people saw hundreds of "new" tiny animals and plants, as well as the interiors of things from the human body to plant fiber. Microscopes also help scientists find new species that help doctors treat illnesses.

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