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Microscope Maintain Professional Maintenance

The microscope is a kind of precise optical instrument, so it is also very important to do the daily maintenance of the microscope while it is used correctly. Paying attention to the good maintenance and maintenance of the microscope can prolong the use time of the microscope and ensure that the microscope is always in good working condition.

Keeping the optical elements clean is important to ensure good optical performance, and the microscope should be covered with a dust shield provided by the instrument when not in use. If the optical surface and equipment have dust and dirt, before wiping the surface should be used to blow away the dust or with a soft brush to clean the dirt.

The optical surface should be cleaned with a lint-free cotton cloth, a mirror paper or a cotton swab that is moistened with a special lens cleaning liquid. Please avoid using too much solvents, mirror paper or cotton sign should be properly wetted solvent but do not use too much solvent to penetrate into the objective lens, resulting in the clarity of the objective lens and damage to the objective lens.

The lens of the eyepiece lens in the microscope is most susceptible to dirt and dirt and oil, and when the liner and sharpness are found to be reduced, a magnifying glass is needed to carefully examine the eyepiece and the condition of the lens in front of the object.

The low-magnification objective has a large set of lenses, which can be wiped with alcohol and moistened with cotton or cotton swabs and mirror paper wrapped around the fingers. 40X, 100X need to carefully check with a magnifying glass. In order to achieve a high degree of flatness, a lens with a curvature radius concave is used to clean the lens with a cotton-ball toothpick or a swab. Wipe the surface of the lens lightly. Don't overdo it and have a scratch action, and be sure the swab touches the concave lens. After cleaning with a magnifying glass to check whether the objective lens damage, if necessary to open the observation mirror tube, careful not to contact the lens under the lens, the camera surface if the finger print will reduce the sharpness of the image, with the cleaning object method to wipe the eyepiece.

When using the microscope 100X oil mirror, please wipe the surface of the oil mirror and check whether the 40X objective is stained, such as timely cleaning. Keep the microscope in a clear image.

The use of dust shields is the most important factor in keeping the microscope in good mechanical and physical condition. If a microscope's casing is stained, it can be cleaned with ethanol or soapy water (no other organic solvents are used to clean it), but do not allow the cleaning fluid to penetrate the inside of the microscope, causing a short-circuit or burnout of the electronic components inside the microscope.

Keep the use of the microscope site dry, when the microscope long-term work in the humidity of the environment, it is easy to increase the chance of mildew, so if the microscope has to work in these humid environment, it is recommended to use the dehumidifier. In addition, if the surface of optical elements found foggy, mildew spots and other undesirable conditions, please contact the professional immediately to your microscope for professional maintenance.

By taking the following measures, you may be better able to extend your microscope's use time and keep it in good working order.

(1) Each time the microscope power is closed, please turn the microscope light to the darkest.

(2) After the power of the microscope is turned off, please wait until the light box is completely cooled (about 15 minutes later) and the dust cover is on the hood.

(3) After the microscope power supply, if not used temporarily, you can adjust the light microscope to the darkest, without frequent switching microscope power supply.

After a year's work, the microscope should be professionally maintained at least once a year.

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