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Microscope Both Familiar And Unfamiliar With The New Technology And Technology Equipment

Now is the era of technology and technology, as the leader of the twenty-first century we should contribute to this society. Today is for everyone to talk about is familiar and unfamiliar new technology and technology equipment - microscope. I remember from our junior high school experimental class has begun to contact it, so I believe that mention is not unfamiliar with it.

A microscope is a commonly used optical instrument, which consists of several lenses and lenses. Used to replace the naked eye to see the small creatures, but also a sign of human scientific progress. Under normal circumstances can be divided into two kinds of electronic equipment and optical equipment. Now most of the researchers use electronic equipment. But the optics are still used in biological research.

The optical microscope was created by the Dutch in the fifteenth century of the nineteenth century, and it was possible to magnify the object by a thousand or five to two thousand times. The resolution was the smallest of half the wavelength. Tube length is generally about one hundred and sixty millimeters. Can easily thousands of human body small fiber and plant fiber internal structure in front of people, a clear dynamic effect for the experiment has brought convenience to help scientists on the discovery and research of new creatures, still medical Made an unprecedented contribution.

Whether in surface science, or in materials science and life sciences and other areas of research, microscopes have a very large response and significance, has a very considerable prospects for the promotion. Recognized by the world's international scientific organization as one of the greatest scientific achievements of the twentieth century, the emergence of microscopes led to new advances in the field of science and technology.

In fact, want to understand the optical microscope imaging principle is very simple, not as we imagine so complicated. Because we are not professional technical staff. So we can use ordinary understanding to understand the phenomenon of our lives, then we use our own way to show different results.

The most common principle of optical microscopy is based on the principle of convex lens imaging and production, to go through two convex lens imaging before we can see the mirror in the scene.

The first time through the object through the convex lens imaging, this time the object in the convex lens in the double focal length and twice the focal length, according to the physics of the imaging principle should be presented by the amplification and inverted image, then the first As the new object, after the second imaging, because we are observing the other side of the eyepiece, so according to the principle of optics in terms of the second time should be like a virtual image. This is like the object on the side, because the first time into the eyepiece in the double focal length, so the second into the image is like a magnified virtual image. So in terms of the kind of thing should be a inverted zoom virtual image.

In fact, the microscope has been used by people long ago, before it was invented, the human world for some of the ideas are limited. Only rely on their own touch and meat research to see things to judge the things around is worth pursuing. And in recent years the use of microscopes more and more widely, not only in scientific research and medical research institutions, colleges and universities in the field of teaching has also been well used.

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