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Microscope An Indispensable Instrument In Biological Experiments

Microscope as a set of light, machine, electricity in one of the precision instruments, maintenance is very important. If you use and maintenance work, do the words, then you can extend the life of the microscope, and vice versa will be used for several years, a direct impact on the work efficiency.

1, in general, high-end microscope does not require special maintenance, but the cleaning of the various parts or in place, especially the working gear and other mechanical parts of the need to keep clean, if necessary, some lubricants to keep the gear normal Running. But do not pay attention to do not use light lubricants, improper use will make the stage off.

2, the microscope should not be used in the usual dust cover, to prevent dust attached to the above. The dust will not only fall on the mirror body and mechanical parts above will be attached to the glass and the lens, which will seriously affect the quality of the finished product. So once the dust or liquid things fall on the above should immediately wipe clean, so as not to leave a trace of time in the above and affect the effect of the test. In the face of stubborn stains can be used gasoline or petrolatum like lubricating substances, because alcohol has the role of corrosion, do not use alcohol to clean.

3, in the cleaning of optical objects is the most notable is the inside of the optical object surface film, because this layer of reflective film is very soft, so when cleaning a little careless may be damaged.

Microscope is an indispensable instrument in biological experiments, we not only in accordance with the strict requirements of the operation, cleaning is the same professional, only to the microscope in a normal state, in order to make the trial orderly.

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