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Magnifier No Aberration, No Color, No Distortion

Magnifier times the principle and purchase

  The Magnifier glass is a kind of convex lens used, it is to make the object distance less than the focal length, get an enlarged virtual image. When the object is variable, the distance is also followed, the law is: 1 / object distance + 1 / image distance = 1 / focal length.

The use of Magnifier glass also provides that the magnification of the Magnifier glass is as large as the magnification at 25 ° C (25 cm).

So the following formula can be deduced: magnification = 1 + 25 / f. Where f is the focal length in units of centimeters. With the above formula can be calculated:

1,30 times the Magnifier glass, focal length f = 0.86 cm;

 2, focal length 2cm Magnifier glass, multiple is 13.5 times.

The larger the thickness of the Magnifier glass, the greater the magnification, the smaller the field of vision; the smaller the thickness of the Magnifier glass, the smaller the magnification, the greater the field of vision.

Magnifier nominal explanation: For example: marked with 10X21MM logo, 10X is 10 times the diameter of 21MM Magnifier glass lens. Magnifier glass focal length explanation: the eyes to see the most clear, the distance from the lens to see things.

Magnifier view of the field of view: the eyes see the most clear, the image is seen on the edge of the image without distortion of the diameter.

An optical amplification system with an adjustable focal length device is called a microscope. An optical amplification system without an adjustable focal length device is called a Magnifier glass. Different magnification of the Magnifier glass, focal length is different, the shorter the focal length of the larger, the longer the focal length of the smaller. Magnifier glass field of view also with a certain percentage of the ratio, the greater the number of larger field of view, the smaller the smaller the field of view.

A standard 10 times the Magnifier glass, its standard focal length of 25MM, to achieve the largest field of vision is about 23MM, and a standard 30 times the Magnifier glass, its standard focal length of 8MM, to reach the largest field of vision also 6MM or so. If a Magnifier glass marked 30 times, but the actual focal length is not 8MM, we can determine that this Magnifier glass is false 30 times.

Single lens magnifier common magnification of 10 times the following, double lens magnifier common magnification of 20 times the following. Good imaging, no aberration, no color, no distortion of the Magnifier glass, to use three or more layers of high quality optical lenses made in order to achieve the effect. In general, due to the limitations of the standard focal length, the Magnifier glass has been 30 times the largest. Standard magnification to 30 times (excluding) more than the Magnifier glass, you must add a focus device can see clearly. If a Magnifier glass without a focusing device, nominal 35 times, 40 times or higher multiple, then you can determine the Magnifier glass magnification magnification, magnification requirements are high, you need to use the microscope. Different occasions need to use a different rate, not the higher the better the magnification, high magnification means that the field of vision is small, in some occasions vision is more important.

The focal length of the microscope is very short, whether it is a portable microscope or desktop microscope, the device will have to adjust the focal length of the device, so you can stabilize the imaging results, to achieve the most clear.

The magnification of the magnification of the selection needs to be selected according to the conditions used. Such as reading magnifiers for reading newspapers, magazines, books, etc., you can use 2-5 magnification magnification. If it is used to identify the subtle objects have to use high magnification Magnifier glass, such as jewelry identification, jade identification, porcelain identification, stamp identification, calligraphy and painting identification, etc. need to use about 10 times to 20 times between the Magnifier glass multiple.

Magnifier is an optical device, in fact, is a high-precision optical equipment. Cheap Magnifier glass, blurred image, especially

The imaging of the edge of the Magnifier glass is very blurry and distorted. Long-term use, will affect people's eyesight. Short-term use, such as the use of more than 1 minute, cheap Magnifier glass, due to imaging instability, will make people feel sick. So as a long-term use of the crowd, such as the elderly, we must buy the brand of Magnifier glass, the price is generally more than 200 yuan. Older people use cheap Magnifier glass, will seriously affect the vision, especially those with cataracts, cheap Magnifier glass on the eye damage will be greater. Like the domestic Shanghai Optical Instrument Factory production of Magnifier glass varieties complete, the model can also be used for different customers. The price is also more applicable.

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