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Digital Microscope You Can Start Working Immediately Without Adjustment

What is digital microtechnology?

Digital microscope is composed of optical microscope with a digital camera, do not need eyepiece. The sample image can be viewed and analyzed directly on the electronic display screen. The digital microscope can also be a traditional stereoscopic microscope or composite microscope with an eyepiece, but also requires a camera and the ability to save feedback about the microscope status and camera settings. In the remainder of this article, we will use the term "digital microscope" to refer to eyepiece microscopes such´╝îbut this reference does not include a stereoscopic or composite microscope with a camera.

Where can I use a digital microscope?

Digital microscopes are ideal for component / sample analysis and recording instruments in R & D, Manufacturing and Inspection, Quality Control and Warranty (QC / QA) and Fault Analysis (FA) applications.

What are the advantages of digital microscopes?

The most obvious advantage is its ergonomic. Since the sample image is displayed on the display, the user can sit back and forth with a comfortable sitting seat while viewing them and using the software to analyze the sample image. The ergonomic advantages of digital microscopes are particularly pronounced when the sample is large or the user needs to operate the microscope for a long time every day. In addition, many digital microscopes also provide software that can store multiple user profiles. This feature is particularly useful if more than one user is using the same microscope - each user simply chooses his or her own microscope profile and then adjusts or does not need to adjust the microscope work site to start working immediately.

What are the limitations of digital microscopes?

Compared with the stereoscopic or composite microscope, the need to connect the power supply is a digital microscope is a very obvious limitations. Since there is no eyepiece, the sample image of the digital microscope is always displayed on the display, so at least one power cord is required. Normally, the digital microscope also needs to be connected to the PC, or at least need to connect the microscope display screen. When using a conventional microscope, the user can still choose to obtain an overall understanding of the sample through the eyepiece.

Did the sample image seen through the digital microscope be similar to the sample seen through the eyepiece?

In principle, the images are the same. Depending on the type of digital camera and the eyepiece involved, the field of view may vary. However, there is a significant difference here: through the stereomicroscope of the binoculars to observe the sample, you can get digital microscopy 2D images can not be directly realized by the depth of cognition.

Is digital microscope easier to use than eyepiece microscope?

Especially for under-experienced users, can be more quickly and easily access to sample images. This is mainly because it takes time to use the traditional microscope to set and adjust, and it takes time to view the sample through the eyepiece.

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