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Binoculars Lighter And Simpler

In the nautical era, the Binoculars is the third eye of the heroes, and is the farthest, centrifugal eyes. The Binoculars is also the standard of the pirates, because it is their freedom, rebellious, bohemian one of the symbols of the spirit of the eyes, is the heart of the direction.

The Binoculars has been evolving,

From the single tube to the binoculars and then to the single tube, like the navigator around the earth a circle back to the same origin, the origin is no longer the beginning of the beginning. The same is to see more clear, farther, monocular Binoculars there are lighter, more simple advantages, it liberates your other hand, let you as a new era of dreamers, you can set out simple.

Very simple, not to suppress your nature, the vision of the world turned a blind eye. But poke the noisy, fog, overlooking the inner real desire.

For men, monocular Binoculars feel good, there is a feeling in the grasp, half-squinting eyes to look like a distance, simply can be selected "life ten handsome moments."

For women, the binoculars are small and portable, go out, a cell phone, a Binoculars, you can see the panoramic view of the scenery, the release of women born romantic and poetic.

There are many advantages to the Binoculars can be elaborated, but the real attract you, in fact, instinct.

Ming Dynasty Wanli thirty-six years, the two children in the Netherlands playing outside the optical shop a few lenses, very excited, they had two lenses found in the distant church on the wind marked a lot, the spectators did not say anything, go back Two lenses in a cheese, after several experiments invented the Binoculars.

At that time the glass process need to do a cup and then start a thin, mathematician Galileo personally with shells polished lenses.

16,17 century began a new trend, people no longer satisfied with the theory of empty talk, they began to produce instruments, test theory, scholar knowledge and craftsmen combination of technology, is the essence of European technology emerging forces.

Galileo made Binoculars, compared to the naked eye can be seen two hours in advance of the vessel, get the recognition of Venice, open the life of the meteoric rise. Then he aimed the Binoculars at the sky and brought new evidence of the universe. 

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