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Binoculars Excellent Reflexes

A Binoculars is a personalized technical product that many people often take with them, just like a wrist watch on their hands. Have a high-quality Binoculars at the same time also means that can have a better quality of life, because it can be far away from the scene to the eyes, show the beautiful details of nature, leisure activities as intimate partners, enrich our spiritual life.

The birthplace of the Binoculars came from Holland, the prototype of the modern Binoculars in 1608 was born, a Binoculars with Binoculars function, and a year later, Galileo created the Binoculars according to the basis of the Dutch Binoculars, After the development of the two-cylinder and the basic structure of a single Binoculars can still see their shadow. The operation principle of binoculars is to use a connecting plate to connect two separate single binoculars together in parallel, and each part of a combination must undergo a precise calibration. The front Mirror Group (i.e. the objective lens) absorbs the objects (trees, dwarf wood bushes, animals, houses, people, and others, etc. reflected in the lens tube of a Binoculars at different wavelengths, the prism in the mirror tube will turn the inverted image into a mirror and then transmit it through the eyepiece to the user's pupil. The retina of the eye can identify the image and observe it. The principle of a single tube Binoculars is the same as a binocular Binoculars, except that a single Binoculars is operated independently.

How should we choose a high-quality Binoculars? A good quality Binoculars must meet the following requirements:

Accurate optical computing power. The production of optical glass can be measured in a precise way to determine the relevant location.

Each contact surface of the air and glass has high quality multi-layer coating, the prism has the fine-huai refraction angle, must have the extremely good reflection ability.

The internal optical structure of the Binoculars (objective lens, prism, eyepiece) must be very precise and cannot be shaken.

The body must be light and capable of resisting dust.

The structure of the binoculars is strong enough to ensure that both sides of the left and right mirrors remain parallel.

Adjusting the focus of the mechanical device and parallax adjustment device must be very precise.

The aim of these practices is to get the best image quality in our eyes, and the quality of the Binoculars can give us the greatest pleasure in the process.

Because the quality of the Binoculars will affect the health of eyesight, poor quality Binoculars prone to astigmatism, strabismus, abnormal visual curvature changes and so on, the lower the age of injury will be greater, so we will recommend the purchase of brand products with Word-of-mouth, German products Although the price is higher than the Japanese products, But the accuracy and durability of this is unmatched.

Binocularss have many different specifications, and the selection of Binocularss should be differentiated by the purpose of use, for example, long distance sentinel observation waterfowl, high magnification single Binoculars with a tripod is a better choice; the bird-watching activities in the form of mountaineering must consider the weight, and the forest environment is more complex than the waterfront, and the high magnification also unfavorable to the search of the Binoculars, 10x25 or 8 x 32 would be a good fit, so having a different size Binoculars and then using it interchangeably is an ideal way.

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