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Binoculars Easy To Carry The Magnification Is Very Important

For most astronomy beginners to find the entry Binoculars is a very difficult task. The astronomical world is a fascinating field, but the novice picks up the correct Binoculars process by technical terms, confusing features and dazzling choices filled. Binoculars equipment is quite complex, for the novice because they chose the wrong Binoculars and disappointed things see fresh.

Here I will choose the Binoculars process is simplified to 6 steps, more suitable for novice to choose the correct Binoculars.

Step 1: Do you know what Binoculars you want? Binoculars or landscape Binoculars (landscape observation)?

Very simple question, but a lot of people in this step wrong. 

Most people buy the first Binoculars are keen to buy in landscape observation and astronomical observations can provide both good vision of the Binoculars. In fact, no matter how attractive the omnipotent Binoculars, in general, the landscape Binoculars is rarely used for astronomy.

The author's advice, especially for new people, is to decide which type of viewing you want to do. If you are interested in doing more landscape observations, then you should consider a landscape Binoculars or a binoculars. Tend to astronomical observations, then choose astronomical Binoculars.

The second step: caliber is the key to the Binoculars

The most important feature of all astronomical Binocularss is caliber. Caliber refers to the diameter of the main optical components of the Binoculars (composed of lenses or mirrors). The size of the Binoculars determines how much light it can capture. The more light you can capture, you can see more objects in the night sky. 

More light also means seeing the image clearer. Because astronomical observations are carried out in the absence of light, there is a large diameter that means the maximum amount of light that can capture bright and clear images. 

Understand the caliber after the attention should also be one thing. Many people mistakenly believe that the largest caliber is the easiest way to choose the best Binoculars. But did not realize that the larger the caliber the greater the Binoculars, the big Binoculars is not always suitable for everyone.

I can think about it, "Where do I want to use my new Binoculars?" If there is near the backyard, then there is a large Binoculars will be great. If you plan to place the Binoculars in the darker sky away from the city lights, it needs a little caliber, the function is still strong. Large caliber is troublesome while traveling, while smaller caliber is easy to carry, but may not show better images like big caliber.

So think about how much Binoculars you want before buying.

Step 3: Magnification is not very important

This is not like a step, more like an important concept that you need to know when choosing a Binoculars. As mentioned earlier, caliber is critical to new Binocularss. Having said that, but some people will tell you magnification to decide what Binoculars to buy.

The picture shows the magnification of the moon and the size of the planets

Let's take this correction, the magnification is important but not the factor.

The magnification of the Binoculars is determined by the eyepiece used. Changing the magnification requires only a larger magnifying eyepiece to replace your existing eyepiece. Basically any Binoculars can have an infinite range of magnification. So the Binoculars greatly enhance the magnification is not too excited. It is possible to 800x, but this magnification only highlights the thermal motion between the Binoculars and the target you are looking at, and the image looks like jitter. The problem with enlarging an image with a small caliber Binoculars is that it does not produce a clear image.

Saturn under different observation conditions: the left figure for the small diameter of the appropriate magnification, the figure for the large diameter appropriate magnification, the right figure for the large diameter over the maximum magnification.

A good analogy is the TV screen. If we are close to the TV (that is, zoom in too much), we can only see the screen pixels. Only at the best distance, the images we see on the TV screen will become clear.

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