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Magnifier In The Department To Carry, Easy To Observe

Magnifier glass according to the appearance of classification can be divided into portable Magnifier glass and desktop Magnifier glass, desktop Magnifier glass can be fixed, the following has a base, the above is a Magnifier glass, Magnifier glass shape can be rectangular or square, or round The Magnifier glass is mainly used for long-term fixation to see a place.

Desktop Magnifier glass can be a long arm, there are curved places, you can change the location according to demand.

Portable Magnifier glass Like the above, in front of a circular Magnifier glass behind a handle, portable Magnifier glass type there are many, some Magnifier glass is a square, there can be merged Magnifier glass, this Magnifier glass is mainly easy to carry, easy to observe The Portable Magnifier glass also has a light source and no light source, a light source of the Magnifier glass to watch when there are many benefits, the light remains very stable.

Magnifier glass before a number that magnification, such as 8X30 said Magnifier glass magnification is 8 times.

If it is a double rate type, use the / symbol to separate two numbers. Such as 2x / 4x, that magnifier magnification of 2 times, and in the Magnifier glass in a region of the magnification of 4 times. If the lens is rectangular, then use the previous number to indicate the width of the lens after a number that the lens is high, the unit is mm. Such as 100X50, that the lens width of 100 mm height of 50 mm. And the same telescope, fake Magnifier glass also likes to make an article on the magnification, the nominal rate is often much higher than the real magnification. In fact, single lens magnifier common magnification of 10 times the following, dual lens magnification common magnification in 20 times the following. If the magnification requirements are high, you need to use the microscope. Different occasions need to use a different rate, not the higher the better the magnification, high magnification means that the field of vision is small, in some occasions vision is more important. (Magnifier magnification = 250 / lens focal length +1, mm units)

To see the details of tiny objects or objects, it is necessary to move the object closer to the eye, which can increase the angle of view to form a larger image on the retina. But when the object from the eye too close, but can not see clearly. In other words, to be clear, not only should the object of the eye has a large enough angle, but also should take the appropriate distance. Obviously for the eyes, these two requirements are mutually constrained, if the front of the eye in a convex lens can solve this problem. The convex lens is one of the simplest Magnifier instruments that is a simple optical instrument that helps the eyes to observe tiny objects or details.

Now the convex lens, for example, calculate its amplification skills. Place the object PQ between the focal point of the lens L and the lens and make it close to the focal point, as shown , so that the object passes through the lens into an enlarged virtual image P'Q '. If the focal length of the convex lens is 10cm, the magnification of the Magnifier glass made by the lens is 2.5 times, and it is 2.5 ×. If only from the amplification skills to consider, the focal length should be made shorter, and it seems that this can be arbitrary large amplification skills. But because of the existence of aberration, the general use of the amplification is about 3 ×. If you use a double Magnifier glass (such as eyepiece), you can reduce the aberration, and make the amplification capacity of 20 ×.

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