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Binoculars Optical Observation Instruments

When the Binoculars has become a product marketing label, as if put on the title, is the top telescope. In fact, this is not the case.

In the era of material scarcity, the telescope as the most basic optical observation equipment, is definitely a luxury. The domestic general public can not access to the world's high-quality civilian products; domestic regular optical production telescope, also has its own special purpose, customers are mostly enterprises and institutions. At that time, occasionally out of the retired Binoculars, it becomes a good quality and excellent optical representatives, people shines, we are relish.

Binoculars, is to meet the needs of the battlefield products: solid, shockproof, waterproof, easy to maintain is the most basic requirements, but also have the best possible optical quality, is a qualified product.

Everything has two sides, military products to ensure the quality of the conditions, must control the cost, after all, is the bulk purchase of equipment, in ensuring the quality of the case, the other made a certain compromise. For example, in order to ensure good waterproof, the general Binoculars with a separate eyes focus, so that the cost of waterproof greatly reduced maintenance is also convenient. But focus on the left and right eye to operate independently of the two. In the daily use of the state, there is no central adjustment of the telescope convenience.

In addition, in order to ensure a solid structure, the Binoculars basically use the Paul prism structure, the volume and weight are more than the civil roof mirror structure telescope bulky. In the lens coating, eyepiece design, color reproduction, the Binoculars has no top civilian telescope better.

Here, we must not misunderstand that the Binoculars is not good; regular Binoculars, regardless of quality and optics, are "cost", spend the money, the absolute value of the concept of money. In contrast to the domestic market, in fact, Binoculars is not easy to find, spend some energy, you can buy 62-type 8x30 telescope (to ensure that the old goods can be retired, the small factory imitation goods, cottage products); 95 7x40 telescope (mostly Manufacturers of military to civilian products); early East German imports of "Bayi" Zeiss telescope, almost disappeared. Professional circle, you can also Amoy to overseas some high-quality retired Binocularss, such as East Germany's DF and EDF, West Germany's Hensoldt series. Suggest that we do not try easily, because do not understand the words, the price does not say, bought a fake on the capsize.

Now on the market, a lot of poor telescopes often like to use the Binoculars label to sell, we have to stay in mind, start before doing homework can. All advocated military high power, night vision, infrared, blue blood or green lenses, the basic are garbage products. Open an unlicensed SUV, wearing uniforms to sell the telescope, who bought who fooled. Some foreign brands, but also like to use the "military" concept to do marketing, in general, to achieve military standards, not a real military products.

Top civilian telescope, any aspect is worse than Binoculars. If you do not count the cost, the purchase of a number of top telescope military do not have to, such as Swarovski Habicht series, change the rubber, into a double tone, it becomes a foreign country's Binoculars.

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