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  • Great Affordable High Power Student Microscope with Handle Coarse & Fine Focusing and Top and Bottom LED Lights
  • New Design with Built-in 1.3MP Camera Monocular Student Biology Kids Compound Microscope with Up & Bottom LED Light
  • New Design Monocular Student First Biological Microscope with Up & Bottom LED Light
  • Large Stage 180mm X 150mm Kohler 2000X Laboratory / Medical Medical Compound Microscope
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Find Affordable optical products from YAKI at Factory price.No matter what field you are in,there is one optic for you,such as a microscope for your laboratory;a telescope for astronomical observation;a binocular for outdoor use;a magnifier for reading or repairing etc.

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Ningbo Yaki Optical Instrument Co.,LtdĀ is a comprehensive production enterprise integration design, manufacture and export, specializing in optical products since 2004.We mainly engaged in Microscopes, Telescopes, Binoculars, Magnifiers etc....


A Binoculars is a visual optical instrument used to observe a distant object, which amplifies a small corner of a distant matter at a certain magnification so that it is Like Space has a large angle, so that the object can not be seen or resolved by the naked eye can be clearly discernible.
In order to maximize the effectiveness of the Stereo Microscope to play out, the proper use of operating Stereo Microscope is very important. In strict accordance with the Stereo Microscope to operate, you can get more accurate and useful information, so we have to learn to follow the correct steps to operate the Stereo Microscope.
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